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During the many years of operation we created a team of volunteers who’s main focus is being a “helpdesk”.

The main purpose of this helpdesk was to give first line support to all participants at our events.
As time went on, this helpdesk became more and more important.
At first, all general ICT related problems are ticketed in a system and submitted trough a standard flow chart.
This way many problems can be handled on the spot or passed on to be resolved.
In most cases, a solution is given within a standard SLA timing or on the spot by following the flow chart.
Second line support is called in for urgent or advanced cases.
On-site support is given when needed and even hardware support if available.

The second goal is to be a general information supplier for all sorts of questions.
This is a good fallback so the main crew is not overloaded and the right person is immediately found at the right time.
Because of this safety net, we can use a system of subsequent designation.
Extreme cases (theft, fighting, drug use,…) will be immediately redirected to the correct person.

Our third service is to loan or sell equipment needed at our event.
In most cases we handle network cables, power cables, power adapters, power blocks, monitor cables,… etc
We do not hold any profit from this, as we fund our events with the sales revenue.

Some small final tasks are also a part of the job:

  • Lost&found
  • First Aid
  • Pc rental (via third party)
  • Provide a local FTP for source files


Our helpdesk will provide a perfect stay of any participant at our events.
The main goal being to prevent or dismiss any dissatisfaction at any time.
We emphasizes for all helpdesk staff to act quickly and efficiently, but keep  an eye out quality.


Because of a mature and positive attitude of our staff, any event can run smoothly.
Any situation is delicately handled and provided with a correct solution.

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