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Our events reach a large number of people within our community that are not reached by regular advertising. We can offer advertising services at our events and/or on our websites.
We also like to work together with many partners to give our own events the extra edge.

E-events can offer rental services for other organizations such as LAN parties, musical events and conferences. We ask a small fee in exchange for this service to take care of maintenance, transportation and replacement parts.


Advertising & partnerships for our events

Two or three times per year a few hundred young people, both from national and foreign countries join our events with their PC to play their favourite games all week-end long. The policy of the organisation has always been at delivering a quality product. This is the only way to grow from a hobby organisation to a professional and international recognized organiser of LAN events.

We built up the event “by gamers for gamers”. On one hand by having the top players and teams playing against each other (in several competitions of the most popular games) on the other side by creating space on the social area by facilities such as the ‘chill-area ‘; just a place to have some quiet and comfortably distance between yourself and “the battlefield”, a good catering, entertainment, etc. A good and professional environment is very important on an event, and we will always pursue this as one of the most important factors in the success of our LAN events.

E-Events has cooperated in the previous years with numerous partners for the realisation of several facilities during our events. Starting from the basics such as network and servers to creating a bonus for the event such as lightshows, prizes, decoration and much more.

In all these years we have found several partners who we still work with. We were able to do this because our philosophy is not to receive as much as possible for one event, but to construct a stable an solid foundation on which we can organise LAN-events for years.

We are still looking for new partnerships. Are you interested in becoming a partner to our events in any form? We gladly go through the possibilities concerning how we can realise a mutual added value. We would like to thank you for the interest in our event and hopefully there will be a fertile cooperation between our two organisations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Rental team

Our rental team can offer you the following:

  • Network equipment (cables, switches, routers, servers,…)
  • Sound & light equipment
  • Video projection (beamers, projection screens,…)
  • Security equipment (walkie talkie’s, security camera’s,…)
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